Welcome on my path!

This personal site invites you on my path to inner well-being while coming out of mental illnesses. It aims to make known and demystify this type of illnesses and provide support to those who feel the need. It is also an invitation, through the sharing of experiences, to get out of one’s own confinement, to welcome differences and to listen to the self. Listening to the thoughts, the emotions, the feelings and one’s own body, letting them express themselves, giving them life… in my opinion, is a step towards healing.

I share here among others:

  • the essential of what I have learned during my journey with the disease and towards healing in order to give you some insights and help you take care of your mental health,
  • my path with the disease and towards healing as well as the opinions of experts to try to better understand this type of disease and the steps taken to cure it,
  • my thoughts and feelings in order to give me a space to get out what I have inside and give you some ideas for reflection,
  • in a testimonial part, the thoughts, feelings or experiences around mental illnesses, or on the difference, of those I meet in order to either give them a space to speak or to put a little light around these sufferings.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy this journey in my world or in that of mental illnesses… and that you will make me discover your own world soon…