Here is a page of testimonials around mental illnesses and differences in general so that you too can have a place:

  • to share on this theme,
  • to express yourself and take out what you have inside.

These testimonials are also aimed to shed light on our differences and diversity in general.

If you wish to add your testimonial, please contact me!

What is a mental illness for you?

Just before your first hospitalization, by the lake, I tried to explain something to you and your answers were all negative, you did not see things like me. You were exalted. You did not understand anything of what I said to you. We were not on the same wavelength. I felt completely helpless … Now I realized it was a mental illness. For me, there is a dysfunction in the brain. The person does not know anymore how to reason coherently … But I, I hear the word “disease”, so I also hear the word “cure”.


my mother, 71 years old

Have you ever suffered from mental illnesses (directly or indirectly)?

I had a mild burnout 6 years ago that lasted about 6 months. I have been taking care of myself ever since so that it would not happen again. There are many people around me who suffer from it (mental illness) and I do my best to support them. The keys that allowed me to make progress are:

  • food,     
  • yoga     
  • personal development     
  • meditation     
  • allowing sufficient time to rest
  • life changes when necessary

family member, 41 years old

Do you feel different from the others?

I feel different in the sense that I feel and see things that others do not see or do not see anymore. They are deceased beings or beings from nature.

friend, 48 years old