During my delusions, it was my subconscious turned upside down by the external events that expressed itself because it needed it … me? I needed to be able to express myself and to be heard which finally made it possible to put the pieces of the puzzle together. So today, thanks to my idea of ​​website, my session with my psychoanalyst and my discussion with my friend, it’s done, everything seems understandable, the loop is complete! I feel liberated from a great weight! I breathe freely! I feel cured, although this word scares me, and sure of one thing, I’m not crazy!

And after a phase of life to fight to keep my head out of the water, I feel that I am not only out of the water, but also that I have recovered from the fatigue. I realize that I will finally be able to rebuild myself. Indeed, I have managed to find a job at 30%, I am still at the assurance ​​and I am, above all, always looking for a real inner well-being. It’s official, today begins my reconstruction phase! And guess what! I am embarking you with me on this new path! Story to follow!