Here is the list of therapies that helped me on my path in case it could help you too:

  • taking medication (anti-depressant and neuroleptic 2nd generation)
  • psychoanalytic therapy in the long term to regain self-confidence, confidence in the other, learn to express my thoughts, become more aware and feel supported on my path
  • body therapies (shiatsu, physiotherapy and osteopathy) to release little by little the accumulated tensions and regain consciousness of my body
  • energy-based therapies to cure blockages by other means
  • specific therapy to reconnect with my soul
  • and various personal therapies:
    1. to be surrounded by my family (invaluable support)
    2. eat healthier than pizza, pasta and raclette
    3. canine therapy (taking care of my dog, recieving his love were life-saving)
    4. tree therapy (sitting next to a tree and letting it take away my inner tensions, yes it really works!)
    5. writing my thoughts or art therapy
    6. reconnection to and benevolent communication with my angels

And all this with an open-mind and curiosity!